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Why consult a pediatrician with your baby from birth?

Childcare is an essential part of pediatric medical practice that focuses on monitoring the physical, emotional and social development of children from birth through the first few years of life, especially in the first 24 months. Here are some important reasons why childcare is crucial during this time:

  1. Monitoring Growth and Development : During the first 24 months, children go through rapid physical, cognitive and emotional changes. Regular monitoring allows pediatricians to identify any developmental delays and intervene early, ensuring the child reaches their full potential.

  2. Preventing and Tracking Health Problems : Regular checkups during well-child care allow for early detection of health problems such as nutritional deficiencies, vision or hearing problems, physical abnormalities, and underlying medical conditions. This allows for early interventions and appropriate treatment.

  3. Parental Education : Childcare provides a valuable opportunity for parents to learn about child development, nutrition, safety, child care and how to deal with common issues such as colic, fever and vaccinations. Support and guidance from pediatricians help parents play an active role in their children's well-being.

  4. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention : In addition to treating illnesses, pediatricians play an important role in health promotion and disease prevention. During childcare consultations, topics such as breastfeeding, introduction of solid foods, vaccinations, hygiene and safe sleep are discussed, contributing to a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

  5. Bond between Doctor and Family : The relationship between doctor and family is fundamental to child care. Regular well-child visits allow pediatricians to build a trusting relationship with parents, understanding their specific concerns and needs, and providing ongoing support as the child grows.

In short, childcare is essential to ensuring that children have a healthy and successful start in life. By providing regular monitoring, prevention of health problems, parent education and health promotion, pediatricians play a vital role in the comprehensive care of children in the first 24 months of life and beyond.

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