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Prenatal pediatric consultation

the advantages of having a pediatric prenatal consultation


Identify and treat problems early

A pediatric prenatal consultation allows the pediatrician to assess the health of the mother and baby before birth. This helps to identify and treat any health or developmental problems that may affect the baby early.


Parental education and counseling

During a pediatric prenatal visit, parents have the opportunity to receive guidance and advice on various aspects of child care, such as proper nutrition, hygiene, sleep, immunizations and more. This helps prepare parents for the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood, promoting better baby health and well-being.



Establish a relationship with the pediatrician

A pediatric prenatal visit allows parents to meet and establish a relationship with the pediatrician who will care for their baby. This helps build trust and familiarity, which is important to ensure good communication and ongoing care throughout childhood.


Planning and preparation

Pediatric prenatal consultation allows parents to plan appropriately for the birth of their baby. This includes discussing logistical issues, such as choosing a hospital or maternity ward, preparing the home for the baby's arrival, organizing medical records and understanding the first care to be taken after birth.


Detection of risk factors

During a pediatric prenatal visit, your pediatrician can identify specific risk factors that could affect your baby's health, such as a family history of genetic diseases or the mother's medical conditions. Based on this information, preventative or treatment measures can be recommended to minimize risks to the baby.

Establish a care plan

A pediatric prenatal visit allows the pediatrician and parents to discuss and establish a care plan for the baby, including monitoring medical exams, vaccinations, developmental milestones and follow-up appointments. This helps ensure that the baby receives appropriate care from the beginning of life.


Tranquility and security

Father and pregnant woman

Having a pediatric prenatal consultation offers parents the peace of mind of knowing that they are adequately preparing for their baby's arrival and that they will have the support of a specialized healthcare professional. This helps reduce anxiety and increase parents' confidence during this important transition period.

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